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Success Stories


 In a nutshell, Cody has helped me burst through a plateau that I was in for years – I went from being a mid-pack rider to being able to battle for podium spots..  He has helped guide me through how to train (on and off the bike) and set expectations in order to achieve my goals – including some tough love when needed.  Cody understands how to push me in order to get the best out of myself and by guiding me to train with purpose and structure. I really appreciated the one on one time when we went out on rides together – this feedback helped me understand that there were gains to be had aside from just the fitness gains.  

I was impressed by his technical knowledge of training numbers and how that translated to structuring the training plan based on actual performance / metrics.  Coach P was always available with answers to my questions whether it meant race specifics or overall training strategy.  

The icing on the cake is his skillset as a mechanic and very knowledgeable bike fitter which helped to dial in the comfort on my bikes.

Cody has a deep understanding of coaching across all bike disciplines that has provided me with unique insight.   


 Cody is a gifted coach.  He has a world class pedigree, but he is quiet and understated until you hear him talk about anything bike related. That's when you can see his passion for the sport.  He is tough- I have never worked so hard on a bike, but the results speak for themselves.  I used to finish mid-pack in the sport class with the goal just to finish my bucket list events, and now I am a competitive cat 1 racer who has been fortunate enough to be on the podium more often than not.  I could never have achieved these kind of results on my own.  Most invaluable were the times he took me out on the trails one-on-one to work on technical skills.  He has the patience of a saint, putting up with my emotional meltdowns in the middle of a stage race or hard training block, and was always the steady voice to bring me back to reality.  He also has the experience to analyze the data and know how to alter the plan based on how you respond, always checking in, rather than rigidly forcing you to stick to a plan without feedback.  He's not just an amazing coach, but an amazing person.  


 I’ve been working with Cody for two years and I would recommend him to anyone looking for personalized, skilled coaching. Cody focuses on your priorities and customizes training for the specific events you are targeting. Most importantly though, Cody doesn’t lose sight of the fact that riding and racing bikes should be fun. While he will give you plenty of hard work to do to reach your goals, he keeps training engaging and never boring. Unlike many coaches, Cody also stresses spending time in person with athletes he works with - both on and off the bike - and this time is invaluable. 


 No matter if its road, mountain, or gravel, I have never been stronger on the bike and have surpassed my expectations despite my hectic schedule.  Not to mention I'm hooked and can't wait to see what else we accomplish. 



I have been racing for 4 years.  My first year, I dipped my toes a little, and then the next year I got a little more serious.  The third year I put more time into training, but I wanted to see what I could do if I got a coach and really put the work in.  Would I get faster?  Would I get stronger?  Would I see results?  The answer to those questions was a definite YES!  I started working with Cody in December of 2018, and my main race was Baker City Cycling Classic.  

Cody put together a plan and uploaded my workouts into TrainingPeaks which easily uploaded into my Garmin for workouts.

What I learned about having a coach, was that it  wasn't only about completing the workouts provided, but having lots of communication so he could/would know what was going on with me.  Life affects everything, and sometimes even the best laid plans get thwarted when life happens, and with training you have to know how to roll with that.

Cody was great at responding to all of my emails, texts and phone calls.  As soon as I finished a race, he would text me asking how it went, checking in on me.

So, how did my main race go???  I was faster.  I beat my Time Trial time by 45 seconds.  I was stronger.  I ended up racing with Cat 3 men, and I was in it with them.  Not chasing, or hanging off the back.  I saw results!  The last stage I shaved off more than 20 minutes.

My season was successful.  The coaching paid off.



After taking a long break from competitive cycling I began to seek out a local coach with an aim at racing for an age group podium in the 2019 High Cascade 100.  After hearing about Cody’s reputation, seeing his results and then meeting with him I realized that I had found the right coach to help me achieve my goals. 

We laid out the objectives and set a high-level training program based on my skills, experience and time available to commit to the program. The program involved bike and trainer workouts as well as critical strength, core and stretching sessions.   Cody understood the need to be flexible and to tweak workouts when my family or work obligations became the top priority.  The program felt challenging the entire time and I was able to track my progress through power, HR and TSS data.  There were a great variety of ride types and routes so I never felt like I was doing the same workout over and over which I experienced in other programs.    He challenged and pushed me to new levels while carefully monitoring my fatigue so that I didn’t over-train, get injured or burned out.   

Cody’s first-hand knowledge and experience as a racer in the in the key local races helped me immensely relative to course insights, feeding strategies, bike set-up, where to push and where to recover as well as positioning for critical sections.  This gave me tremendous mental confidence heading into key races and undoubtedly enhanced my results. 

Throughout the spring he added in some training races to keep things fun and to stoke the competitive fire.  The hard work began to show in my results as the spring progressed and as we turned the corner into summer I started feeling like my form was getting very close to the top and I began finishing on the podium of the races I entered.  Then, as my big event approached, he carefully managed my training and rest so that I had a perfect taper.  Before the big race we mapped out a race plan and then on race day I had great legs and felt stronger as the day progressed…ultimately finished 2nd place.

I believe Cody’s program was an incredible value overall.  I can’t image doing this without his support and I likely would have not achieved the same level of success.  I can’t thank Cody enough for his wisdom and encouragement throughout the process and I highly recommend him to any athlete who wants to achieve the best possible results.